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Authentic AI for Sales on Autopilot

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Your all-in-one sales autopilot. Powered by AI.

We’ve streamlined all prospecting with personalized AI that automates each step of finding your next customer.

Like the smartest sidekick you wish you had, your Sailebots do it all. From discovery, to data cleaning and intelligent interactions, to delivering actionable leads ready for your team. Plus, Sailebots learn on the job and continuously get smarter—growing in intelligence over time.

A unique
Sailebot® for
every rep.

Customized for you, by you—Sales reps get their own personalized AI. Your Sailebots target companies based on the parameters you define, like keywords, job titles, industries, geography and more. And as they work, their intelligence grows. You call the shots, the Sailebot® does the work.

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Take back
your time.

Tedious tasks make up about 70% of sales work. Sailebots autopilot prospecting tasks prospecting tasks at 16x the human rate and tackle the repetitive work of multiple SDRS (we like to call it Digital Labor™). Less screen time, and more face time. Win-win.

The Sailebot® can do all of the following, hands-free:

Researching companies
Finding decision makers
Cleaning data
Discovering contacts
Generating content
Writing emails
Following up
Proposing meetings
Scheduling meetings

Leads and insights. At your fingertips. All in one place.

Our digital platform is where leaders can see
ROI in real time. Onboard, customize, deploy,
and learn from your Sailebot® with full visibility
and control of all activity.

Meet the teams using Sailebots to grow their business.

“I love the fact that it's customizable and works hand in hand with myself on efficient outreaches to prospects at a lightening speed rate.”
– Sean B., Comcast Business
“One of my favorite things about Sailes is being able to get in front of so many potential customers quickly. Doing this in real time would take so many man hours that it just would not be feasable.”
– Michael W., GPRS
“Saile provides a real-life solution to the age-old "I wish there were 2 of me" problem”
– Michael F., Schneider Electric

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