Sailebots replace thousands of manual prospecting tasks for sales teams daily.

Create and Train

Your sales team onboards, creates their Sailebots, and trains it to prospect on their behalf in Starboard™, where you can manage your entire fleet

Discover Decision Makers

Based on a persona and ICP, Sailebots use the Elasticity™ algorithm to find a strategic web of influencers and decision-makers at companies

Clean Data

Sailebots don’t require your company’s data, but will clean update any data you choose to share

Validate Results

Sailebots doubly verify and validate decision-makers before engaging

Generate Content

Based on your persona, value propositions, and targets’ pain points, Sailebots generate content on your behalf

Engage Prospects

As an extension of your AE’s, Sailebots engage prospects uniquely, simultaneously, intelligently – compliantly

Read Emails

Using our Sailebot® Model, Sailebots read emails and react intelligently

Connect via LinkedIn

Sailebots connect with prospects via LinkedIn on your behalf

Respond Intelligently

From proposing meetings to following up on referrals, Sailebots respond intelligently to accelerate actionable outcomes

Receive Signal

Sailebots deliver meeting-requests and actionable signals to your team in real-time while storing all data in Starboard™ for easy export

Patent Pending
Globally Compliant
Multi-Language Support

Our Latest Model

The power to get a “yes” without ever asking a question: Our Sailebot® 2 AI model offers predictability of success and the ability to overcome sales objections.

Sailebot® for Salespeople

Multiply your top salespeople with unique Sailebots that automate all prospecting on their behalf. Trained to prospect like your pros, Sailebots find, validate, engage, nurture, and deliver signals ready for your team.

Pro Tip:

Multiply your best with 4X the prospecting power of a single SDR.

Sailebot® for Teams

Designed to support multiple salespeople within a small team. Unique to a team leader customized to find and engage specific sectors with your offerings.

Pro Tip:

Use this Sailebot® to give specific teams a lift.

Sailebots Services


The Sailebot® will provide insights about the prospects prior to the scheduled meeting, enabling the sales leader to be equipped with as much information as possible about their prospect.


Databot by Sailebot® gives companies the ability to dictate the data they need to receive and deploy a custom-built collective of algorithms that produce the desired output.


Starboard™ will be the application where our sales leaders are able to build, deploy, interact and train with their Sailebot®.

Enterprise ready