Clive Cadogan


Clive is the Co-Founder of Sailes where he’s accountable for the company’s experiment and innovation strategy. Together with Nick, Clive created the company’s patent-pending Sailebot®.

Playing a leading role in System Automation and Design is Clive’s forte. His background spans a wide range of industries from Industrial Manufacturing to Power Generation where he helped create, design and build Automated Systems at companies like Banks DIH LTD, Guyana Electricity Company and the Power Generation Company of Trinidad and Tobago before his insatiable appetite for learning lead him to develop a ML/AI consultancy. Finally, with a wide breadth of experience, Clive joined Sailes to harness his years of experience and architect its proprietary AI technology systems.

Clive resides in Trinidad and Tobago with his amazing wife and two beautiful children. Clive enjoys training his brain and body as he is a fitness enthusiast and avid reader. He is also a big fan of the Golden State Warriors basketball team.