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How it works

Invite your sales team to join Starboard™ and begin building their unique Sailebots.


Using advanced algorithms, AI, and your team’s unique inputs, Sailebots deliver actionable signals in real time.


Digital Labor™

Uncover the future of productivity and efficiency with Sailes’ cutting-edge Digital Labor™, which automates the entire prospecting lifecycle, from discovery to engagement and actionable lead delivery.


An immersive user experience where sales leaders see  ROI right before their eyes. Sales reps can onboard, customize, deploy, and learn from their Sailebot® with full visibility and control of all activity. Be directly connected and have full visibility and control of your personal Sailebot®’s activity.
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Sales throughout history

Launch Timeline
1873The inception of cold calling traces its origins to 1873, thanks to the visionary efforts of John Patterson, the esteemed founder of the NCR Corporation. 
1875In June of 1875, a groundbreaking invention emerged—the telephone—courtesy of Alexander Graham Bell. 
1886The emergence of the Yellow page
1923Ford adopts the Science of Selling by including it in their sales training
1936Xerox debuts telephone fax machine
1964Xerox debuts telephone fax machine
1971Ray Tomlinson sends the 1st email
1978The world's oldest email campaign was sent at 12:33 EDT on 3 May 1978 by Gary Thuerk, then working for Digital Equipment Corp.
1983The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X phone is approved for use in the US
1983The first political robo calls were launched in January 1983 when business owner Tony Inocentes used his telemarketing machine from his collection agency business to announce his candidacy for the 57th Assembly District in California.
1985Robert Miller and Stephen Heiman created Strategic Selling
1987Pat Sullivan and Mike Muhney released the first-ever CRM, named ACT!
1988SPIN Selling, Developed by Niel Rackman, so-referred to as consultative selling, is introduced.
1989The Birth of the Web
1994The Sting album “Ten Summoners’ Tails” is purchased online with a credit card
1999Founded by former Oracle executive, Marc Benioff, Salesforce is launched from a one-bedroom apartment and skyrockets into one of the largest companies in the world.
2000After cutting his sales teeth at state fairs and tradeshows, Billy Mays makes his OxiClean TV pitch debut and goes on to transcend into sales lore forever
2003Reid Hoffman established LinkedIn May 5, 2003 in his living room
2004Google announces their new webmail service: Gmail
2007ZoomInfo is founded by Henry Schuck
2011The Challenger Sales is developed by the Corporate Executive Board
2011Outreach breaks ground on a marketing automation system to automate the outbound email point of the prospecting process.
2018Born on the Fourth of July, Sailes was founded by Nick Smith and Clive Cadogan.
2019Patent-pending for Sailebot™
2020Accucode replies to Sailebot™, becoming the first delivered AO
2022Sailebot™ passes 3M prospecting tasks
2023ChatGPT’s reaches 100 million monthly active users
2023Sailes breaks the record of total AOs delivered in one day
2023Sailes launches Starboard™