How to Saile


Sales leaders, also known as Captains, can invite their sales team members, Sailers, to onboard in Starboard™ and deploy one or multiple Sailebots for their sales operations.


In Starboard™, sailors can define their persona, ICP, targeting requirements, and more to tailor their experience.


Sailebots are deployed to execute voyage, or campaigns, that automate the entire prospecting process, resulting in an abundance of leads and labor for Sailers.


While Sailebots become more intelligent with use, Sailers have the ability to customize their Sailebots for specific industries and situations, such as handling objections.


You can fully control your Sailebot® and its specifications through the Starboard™ platform, and make adjustments at any time.


Initially, you may have trained your Sailebot®, but with every voyage, it will gather more intelligence and bring back valuable insights that will improve your market knowledge.

Output (Digital Labor™)

Definition: The sum of prospecting tasks conducted by the Sailebot® , such as: sourcing contacts, emailing contacts, reading responses, following-up on referrals, sourcing news and more.

Outcome (Signals)

Definition: As Sailebots identify companies and contacts that want to meet or learn specific information about your value proposition, actionable signals are sent to you in real time.


Sailebots begin generating an ROI from the first deployment. Use this calculator to discover how much Sailebots will increase revenue and savings.

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