Experience AiQLTM, AI Qualified Leads, the gold standard in actionable revenue opportunities.

A healthy lead pipeline is the lifeblood of any successful sales organization. But not all leads are created equal. With AiQLs, you get more than run-of-the-mill leads; you gain qualified actionable revenue opportunities that drive your business forward. 

Autonomous, Intelligent Engagement

Personalized Sailebots® work tirelessly in the background, executing Digital Labor™ to source new companies, identify decision-makers, and engage prospects with bespoke campaigns. Each personalized Sailebot can read responses and reply with a response unique to your style until prospects are AiQL™-worthy. While Sailebot intelligently reads, reacts, and follows-up to qualify premium revenue opportunities, you can focus on more Human-worthy tasks.

Pre-Qualified, Ready-to-Engage Prospects

Each AiQL™ is meticulously aligned with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), pre-qualified, and educated on your value proposition. When they reach your sales team, they are ready to meet and engage.


Focus on Human-Worthy Tasks

With hands-free, autonomous prospecting, your sales team can concentrate on building relationships and closing deals. Sailebots manage the entire prospecting process, hands-free, ensuring no opportunities fall through the cracks and only engaging you when there is an actionable revenue opportunity.

Seamless Meeting Prep

Sailebots deliver AiQLs with comprehensive Meeting Prep, including prospect details like local weather, sports, and company news. This equips your team to build rapport from the start of every meeting.

Around-the-Clock Efficiency

Imagine an Account Executive who works 24/7. Sailebots handle all the heavy lifting, ensuring your team is always ready to connect with well-informed, engaged prospects.


Transform Your Sales Strategy Today

Unlock your team’s potential with Sailebot® and experience pure prospecting magic.