Customers Have Spoken – G2 Results Are In!

July 7th, 2023


It’s that time of year again: when G2, the largest software review website, announces its big winners. If you’re unfamiliar, the G2 Awards are like the Oscars for the SaaS industry — not just decided by a panel of judges, but based on real reviews and ratings posted by users… so you know this is a big deal.

Here at Saile, we’re all about serving our clients. In fact, we invented Digital Labor™; human-worthy, sales prospecting tasks completed by a Sailebot®. So top sales execs can spend their time doing what they do best… SELLING.

Alright, now that you’re up to speed, let’s kick things off with G2’s 2022 Best Software Awards.

Wait for it…

Saile was a standout in six categories!


G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace, helping 60 million people every year make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews. G2’s Best Software Awards rank the world’s best software companies and products – including lists for the top 100 Best Software Products and top 100 Global Software Sellers (companies offering multiple products). So we get psyched when G2 badges come out because we learn what we’re doing well, where we’re improving, and where to focus our efforts to create an even better customer experience.


Thanks for asking! As mentioned, Saile received a whopping SIX awards for the Fall 2022 G2 Awards!

High Performer – Enterprise

Although it’s no surprise that Saile received High Performer in Enterprise since 1% of the fortune 500 already owns a Sailebot, we are honored and proud to receive this prestigious award.

Easiest to Do Business With

For the second year in a row

Best Support

Since every single Sailebot is custom-built, we’re proud that support and ease of business are providing our clients with major upside.

High Performer – Sales Intelligence
High Performer – Lead Capture
High Performer – AI Sales Assistant


So what makes badges from G2 different than say, a gold star sticker at school? Well, the G2 badges are given to businesses based on the quality of their reviews, which means they come from people who know our products best, our actual customers’ reviews.. our most cherished audience. And that means you can trust them.

Alex Doller, Director of Sailebot Success at Saile, said, “One of our core values at Saile is to ensure our customers are wildly successful. G2 gives our customers a platform to be transparent about their experience with our product, support, and service. We love hearing directly from our Sailebot owners and their feedback continues to help our team learn, grow and level up.”


Our mission is to elevate the world’s leading sales executives by eliminating repetitive, manual prospecting tasks in favor of high-value, high-return sales activities.

We believe that Artificial Intelligence and Digital Labor™ support Sales teams by unleashing their capacity for authentic, creative, and higher-IQ activities like customizing solutions, building relationships, and closing business.

We believe that every salesperson deserves a robot: A Sailebot custom-built to their personality and prospecting strategy. Are you ready for your own Sailebot? See why G2 reviewers love Saile? Get started with a free Demo today!

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