Sailebots for the Holidays

December 18th, 2023

Feeling reluctant when it comes to taking time off for the Holidays to spend time with the ones who mean the most? 

We understand that conventional wisdom says December and January are slower months. At the same time, and in the age of AI, Sailebots allow people to be in multiple places at once. While many people are in and out of the office in December and January, Sailebots can continue prospecting.

In our experience, no one stops working for two months out of the year. While business may be slower, that’s exactly what the Sailebot is meant to combat. Let’s take the example of someone being out of the office: if a Sailebot receives an out-of-office response, it will simply follow up when the contact is back in the office.

It’s a perfect time to stand out from the crowd and have an impact. 

Sometimes there is a concern of “I will be bothering people around the holidays.” Our customers sell products and services that are meaningful and impactful – they aren’t bothering anyone. Still, if the concern is sensitivity around the holidays, customers can rest assured that a Sailebot won’t send more than four emails to a single contact

All this to say, December – February are some of the best months to ensure your Sailebot is live and when we’ve seen some of the most successful Sailebots launch!