Embracing AI for Human Connections and Networking

February 13th, 2024

We are living in an era where technological advancements are increasingly more rapid, invigorating, and immersive. As a child of the 90’s, I can clearly remember how thrilling it felt the day I was able to connect to the internet for the first time. That screeching and beeping sound will forever be ingrained in my memories. But more importantly, it was the feeling of anticipation of what I would find with each online session. And then, of course, hoping no one called, as it would disrupt the entire process. 

Take a moment and ask yourself, what was your life like back then too? And how did you feel when you were able to see you had a connection made and an exciting adventure would unfold? Did you experience doubts or hesitation because there were too many unknowns about what you would encounter, access, or not be able to find? Whenever I think about our Sailebot® and Starboard®, this is the time in my life I draw back to. 

Our Sailebot® automates all prospecting activities encountered along the Sales obstacle course. This encompasses finding the right prospects which fit your ICP, data validation, the entire communication interactions with your prospects and ultimately generating that Actionable Signal our Sales Leaders receive with much anticipation. We call these activities Digital Labor™. In relation to the internet, I think of the Digital Labor™ the Sailebot® is completing to be a more serene representation of the screeching, beeping, whirling sounds that once indicated the dial up connection was in progress. 

The intellect of the Sailebot® is driven by AI with a touch of our secret sauce, to help enhance the capabilities of our Sales Leaders. As it carries out conversations, it is constantly learning from interactions and capturing insights along the way. Within Starboard®, Sales Leaders are able to follow along with the Digital Labor™ being completed. The Sailer Dashboard and Campaign Details provide visibility into performance related metrics, Signals received, as well as what criteria your Sailebot® applies when identifying prospects to reach.  I bet you’re thinking, this sounds interesting, but what does a Sailebot® and AI do for me in regards to connections and networking?

Sales is about building relationships, understanding needs, and providing solutions that add value to customers’ lives and businesses. As humans, we are innately wired to want to build relationships. Your Sailebot® serves to connect you with your prospects. It helps forge more brand awareness, exposure to your offerings, and ultimately, connecting you with someone who you may or may not have considered connecting with. Your Actionable Signals represent the opportunity to expand your network and meet new people who you can collaborate with. Your Sailebot® is learning what prospects are the right fit for you, as you learn from your interactions with your Actionable Signal contacts, how you can help improve their business experience. 

We get into Sales, not just for the thrill and excitement of a potential win. We do so, because we are making a difference for our customers. If you find yourself wondering if AI is the right fit for your Sales activities, I would ask you to consider why it isn’t? Why not get your Sales team to experience more meaningful human interactions with prospects who are ready and able to connect and want to know more about your overall business? There is much talk about how disruptive AI can be, with many who are concerned about its impact. AI is not about replacing humans, but enhancing our experiences.

As we reminisce about the past, recall how the introduction of the internet came to be and the unknown possibilities it would provide. Today, we can’t imagine life without it. Just like the internet encourages exploration of the unknown, our AI Sailebot® serves as a conduit for a Sales experience without barriers. Let us embark on this journey of digital transformation, embrace AI as a force for good, and continue to elevate our Sales’ Leaders and their connections for the benefit of all.