Human Selling in the AI Era 

December 18th, 2023

Humans’ relationship with technology has never been more complex than it is at this moment. For every facet of business in every industry, AI is transforming the way we work and doing so in a way that leaves people wondering about the future of human labor.

One particular element of business that will always inherently be human is sales. And while a lot of businesspeople are worried about how AI might change or even replace their positions, the conundrum sales leaders face as it relates to AI is a different one. It presents an interesting opportunity for synergy between human and machine.

The story goes like this: Sales leaders hire salespeople for tasks that AI can’t replace. The way they communicate, their critical thinking skills, and their ability to build human connections are the types of things that set them apart. Despite the skill set that makes their job so irreplaceably human, they spend an enormous chunk of their time performing manual, repetitive prospecting work, the type of work that AI excels at.

It was never really a secret that salespeople were spending all this time on things other than selling. It was just something a salesperson had to do to be successful. To try to solve that issue, sales leaders have orchestrated an obstacle course of platforms, dashboards, and point solutions to help their reps be more efficient. All of these solutions, though, only help humans with individual pieces of the prospecting puzzle. None of them accomplish the hard part… doing the work…. until now. Enter Sailebot®.

A Sailebot® is an AI solution that automates all prospecting activity. From researching and discovering contacts at pre-approved companies to engaging them and intelligently interacting with replies. Sailebots work hands-free to perform unlimited labor on sales reps’ behalf and in turn deliver unlimited leads. The process is called Digital Labor™, and it solves the problem that reps have faced for decades. With Sailebot®, humans finally have space back to work on high-value human tasks while their robot counterparts do the dirty work on their behalf.

If you’re a sales rep reading this, you’re probably thrilled. An AI sales robot to prospect for me and unlimited leads in return? Sign me up! You’re not wrong, but it doesn’t stop there. The reality is that while Digital Labor™ holds the potential to transform the jobs of salespeople forever, its benefits may even be wider-reaching for sales leaders.

From an efficiency standpoint, Sailebots don’t just do the work. They do it at a rate that humans can’t compete with, even if they want to. Each Sailebot® has the prospecting power of 4 human SDRs. In addition, Sailebots don’t take days off. They don’t get tired, and they do exactly what you tell them to. They’re predictable and personalized to your team.

From a cost perspective, Digital Labor is a far superior alternative to deploying human capital too. For instance, experimenting in a new market. Presently, companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours into exploring potential opportunities without even knowing if there is a clear path to success. They hire new people, create new divisions, and dedicate vast company resources to the project before seeing any return. With a Sailebot, a CRO or CEO can learn both quicker and more cost-effectively what works, what doesn’t, and how viable a new market can be to pursue before a human lifts a finger. That’s just one use case. The benefits of time and cost savings reverberate throughout organizations.

All in all, while it seems like there is fear about the age of technology serving humans being over and robots taking over the world, I’m certainly not convinced. The advent of AI presents a tremendous opportunity for humans. Digital Labor™ already has and will continue to have a profound impact on the way we sell. When used effectively, the synergy between artificial and human intelligence maximizes human potential and not only makes us more efficient but allows us to live more fulfilling lives.

As I write this on a Sunday morning, I’m sitting at my kitchen table sipping a cup of coffee, getting ready to start my day. My Sailebot has already automated thousands of prospecting tasks on my behalf and laid the groundwork for me to have a strong week. Life as a salesperson will never be the same.