Madison Area Technical College Increases Efficiency by 21x with Sailebot®

September 1st, 2023


YOUR DREAMS START HERE – that’s the first thing you see when you visit Madison Area Technical College’s website, and if that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is.

It only seems right to start out with, Who is Madison Area Technical College and their Business
and Industry Services team? Madison College is a community college based in Madison, Wisconsin where they provide training and professional services to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of employers competing in a rapidly changing and global environment.

Their approach starts with analysis – learning the current conditions and goals and assessing current and future needs. Next, they design practical, hands-on, cost-effective solutions customized to meet employer and employee needs. And finally, they deliver customized training and professional services utilizing best practices in adult learning and experienced professionals.

Madison Area Technical College offers key continuing education elements to employers and employees looking to expand their skill sets and make themselves more marketable. In today’s market, employers face extreme difficulties in attracting and retaining the right talent. Companies are seeking out Madison Area Technical College to provide career development opportunities, career advancements, and a customized training approach.

bryan woodhouse

Bryan Woodhouse, Vice President of Industry and Regional Affairs at Madison Area Technical College, sat down with the Saile team, to discuss his experience using Sailebots – what challenges he and his team were able to overcome and what they find most valuable.


One of Madison Area Technical College’s strengths is the wide variety of options available to employers and employees. We can quite literally walk into a company, ask what they need, and deliver customized training to meet those needs. Madison Area Technical College is able to pivot quickly and align with demand at a competitive price.


With a manual sales process, Madison Area Technical College found it difficult to prioritize and connect with a high volume of prospects for their continuing education offerings. By utilizing Sailebots, Madison College has tapped into companies’ needs for qualified employees and training for current employees. Sailebots have helped the team organize and target communication to their ideal prospects and expand their reach to a wider net of contacts, enabling them to close more deals.

Madison College came to Saile in 2021, eager to digitize its prospecting and lead generation tasks. Since they have a fairly small team, they wanted to make sure their sales personnel were spending their time where it’s most valuable: closing deals.


“Working with Saile has allowed us to greatly expand our reach to many organizations we would otherwise not have contact with, and has allowed us to automate the prospecting and sales workflow. We have secured many new leads, and new clients, that our team would not have the capacity to do without help from Saile.” – Bryan Woodhouse, Vice President of Industry and Regional Affairs at Madison Area Technical College


Expanded Reach
While Madison College has historically focused on 12 territories in south-central Wisconsin, their Sailebots have allowed them to increase the prospecting power of their best salespeople, tapping into surrounding states and expanding their reach with virtual learning.

Uncovered Opportunities
They’ve made connections with organizations and contacts they otherwise would not have been able to make. A number of these connections have come to fruition, while others are in the warm seat, being nurtured. After all, there’s a timing process with this; first, you plant the seed, cultivate the relationship, then close the deal.

AI for Closers
And best yet? Madison College saved 45,681 prospecting hours, freeing up its best salespeople to do what they do best: CLOSE DEALS!

A Sailebot® works for pennies on the dollar, finding contacts and nurturing leads to an actionable outcome – and Madison College’s Sailebots have done just that. With over 621,171 Digital Labor tasks completed to date at an average cost of $.07 per task! The typical cost per human prospecting task is $1.47… that’s 21x efficiency and an ROI of 102%!

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