Q1 2024 Starboard Updates

February 13th, 2024

The start of the year brings with it the momentum of new opportunities and connections to be made. This is the perfect time to lean on your Sailebots to truly kick off 2024! With our latest updates, Sales teams will be able to gain more visibility to their campaign performance and increase interactions with their Sailebot. 

In fact, we have recently released revolutionary intelligence that is working while no one is watching, plus functional updates to deliver greater efficiencies and even more seamless processes.     

Additional Insights and Metrics on your Dashboard

Experience a wealth of insights as your Sailebots engage with the world. Explore comprehensive performance metrics to unveil the top industries generating the most positive interactions. Discover which communication strategies yield the greatest impact, and benchmark your Fleet against other elite Sailebots. Gain invaluable perspective to optimize engagement and propel your Fleet towards unparalleled success.

Enhanced Interaction with your Sailebot

Experience seamless interaction with your Sailebot as you navigate Starboard. Say goodbye to tedious searches for information; your Sailebot delivers metrics, visualizations, and insights effortlessly. Streamline campaign and Fleet performance reviews with real-time data at your fingertips. Let your Sailebot be your guide to success on Starboard’s dynamic platform.