Saile.AI Raises $1.35M Series Seed, Led by Valor Ventures

September 1st, 2023

KPMG notes Saile as an anchor point in the history of sales

Kansas City, MO, November 22nd, 2022 // Saile, the AI startup that developed its patent-pending Sailebots to automate the entire prospecting lifecycle, announced a $1.35M Series Seed led by Atlanta-based Valor Ventures with Kansas City based KCRise fund.

From the Fortune 500 to global sales teams in 25 countries, Saile builds personality-driven sales robots that perform Digital Labor™ prospecting tasks on behalf of human reps. Beyond marketing automation, Sailebots navigate org-charts, find and verify decision-makers, engage stakeholders, read responses and react intelligently to deliver actionable revenue opportunities to humans and their CRMs.

Saile was founded by veteran sales leader Nick Smith and AI technologist Clive Cadogan in 2019. Propelled by the power of their own sales technology, a relentless team, and a single salesperson, the company bootstrapped a $100 cash deposit into $1.6M ARR in approximately 33 months.

Nick Smith, CEO and Founder of Sailes, Inc. said: “Every company wants more of the great salespeople they already have. Where most have tried to ”sales-enable” their way through an obstacle course of platforms and dashboards, we’re giving them what they really want: their best reps, multiplied, with personality-driven AI that perform sales tasks on their behalf. Essentially, if you really wish you had three more of your best salespeople, here’s a Sailebot.”

Clive Cadogan, Co-Founder Sailes, Inc. said: “Augmented intelligence will be the future of almost every facet of life. It will facilitate more creative and rewarding work by taking away tedious and monotonous tasks. Saile is the sales solution inspired by this future. Powered by an intelligent system to augment the Sales Executive, our Sailebots do the tactical work and empower them to spend their time more strategically. Most of all, Saile helps sales leaders set themselves apart in the digital age to reach their ideal customers more effectively.”

Lisa Calhoun, Valor founder and managing partner says, “I’ve been in sales and marketing automation for 20 years. Nick and Clive [Saile founders] automate one of the toughest frontiers major companies have today–prospecting…Saile helps sales leaders double and triple their teams’ effectiveness. In today’s tight talent market, this is taking off.”

Ed Frindt, KCRise Fund Managing Director added: “Nick and his team have demonstrated tremendous value to both Fortune 500s and smaller, scaling companies. Their ROI is evident as we talk to local sales leaders, and given our corporate investor base and regional network we feel we can be a partner that helps move the needle for Saile. Their platform is a natural extension of the value prop for AI and NLP tools, but in an immediately measurable way for companies who may not usually have access to those tools.” said Ed Frindt, KCRise Fund Managing Director

About Sailes, Inc. Headquartered in Kansas City with offices in New York, Sailes is sales, with AI.

Founded on the belief that every salesperson deserves a robot, Saile deploys its patent-pending AI for the Fortune 500 and global sales teams in 25 countries and multiple languages.

About Valor Ventures Headquartered in Atlanta, Valor Ventures leads seed rounds in fast growth B2B software companies anchored in the South. Find out more at VALOR.VC.

About KCRise Fund: KCRise Fund is a venture capital firm focused on investing in early stage technology companies with a strategic connection to the Kansas City region. The firm manages over $80 million in investor capital and has invested in 45 companies with eight exits to date, including BacklotCars, PayIt, Zego, and Spear Power Systems. Learn more at WWW.KCRISEFUND.COM.


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