Sailes Introduces Starboard™, a Comprehensive Solution for Sales Leaders to Customize, Train and Deploy Sailebots -their own AI – for Simultaneous, Automated Prospecting

November 1st, 2023

Sailebots are the first and only AI to automate all prospecting points for enterprise sales teams – from discovery to engagement to opportunity – hands-free

New York, NY and Kansas City, MO, November 1, 2023 — Sailes, the AI startup that developed its patent-pending Sailebots to automate all points in the prospecting lifecycle, today announced the introduction of Starboard™, an immersive user experience where – just like in managing humans – sales leaders can oversee all activity for their fleet of Sailebots and users can onboard, instruct, deploy, and train their individual Sailebot®. This news comes hot on the tail of the company’s recent announcement that it had closed a $5.1 million Series A funding round.

Starboard™ revolutionizes the sales game by combining 6-12 different sales point solutions into a single immersive product, putting the power of up to four SDRs into the hands of each Sailebot®. Additionally, Starboard™ solves the sales enablement ROI conundrum by generating savings from first deployment, producing pipeline at 4X the manual equivalent, delivering discovered contact data as a value-add vs.
paid subscription, and significantly accelerating time to deal. Coupled with unlimited leads, Starboard threads the needle of demand-gen appeal and cost-cutting realities.

In addition to establishing a true bond, connection, and 1:1 relationship between Sales Executives and their machines, Starboard™ is packed with control:
● Increased Voyage Management & Actions: Customers will have increased access to manage their Sailebot® and the performance of their campaigns (called Voyages), making real-time adjustments.
● Enhanced Predictability: Know your success before engagement. Based on millions of data points, Sailebots can predict successful outcomes for any ICP.

“For years, salespeople have been conditioned to accept the status quo of sifting through lists and leads, spending more time searching than actually selling. Our mission is to show them the power of Digital Labor™ – that there is a better way to get back to doing what you were hired to do,” said Nick Smith, CEO and founder of Sailes. “We’re proud to be a first mover in automating the entire prospecting
lifecycle, far beyond what is possible with current point solutions. With Starboard™, we put the power of unique, authentic AI in the hands of the sales people these Sailebots report to , allowing them to easily and efficiently onboard, train, deploy and collaborate with their Sailebot®.”

Sailes is committed to empowering sales leaders, and with Starboard™, sales leaders (or Captains) now have even more control, as they can directly invite their salespeople to come onboard their unique Sailebot® – their very own unique AI that is dedicated to prospecting on their behalf. This will further enable sales leaders to assemble their dream sales team Sailebots to multiply their sales force and give
them space back for more meaningful activities.

A first-mover in the space, Sailes’ patent-pending Sailebot® model is trained on proprietary sales data, and this latest update further extends control of the product to the sales user, ensuring that every Sailebot is a true extension of the sales rep it represents.

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About Sailes
Headquartered in Kansas City, MO and New York City, Sailes is sales with AI for enterprises. Founded in 2018 for enterprise sales leaders, Sailes deploys its patent-pending, globally compliant Sailebots to automate all prospecting for global enterprise sales teams.

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