December 2023 Starboard Updates

December 18th, 2023

For many, this is a time of year to slow down and recalibrate before the year ahead.  At Sailes, we believe that taking time to slow down is the perfect time to lean on your Sailebots to speed things up.  With our latest updates, we’ll arm Sales teams to do just that ahead of the new year.  In fact, we have recently released revolutionary intelligence that is working while no one is watching, plus functional updates to deliver greater efficiencies and even more seamless processes.     

Spindle was released – 

We recently launched Spindle, a first-of-its-kind intelligent deliverability system that automatically adjusts email sending based on a proprietary scoring algorithm.

With Spindle, inbox placement and positive engagement matter most and are prioritized to ensure a quality experience for recipients and Sailebot® owners alike. Spindle is the result of a year’s worth of research, testing, and development by our Success, Engineering, and Product teams and works to support the cause of keeping relevant emails protected in the inbox.

Expanded Captains View – 

Visibility and control is the name of the game when it comes to the continued evolution of our Captains view in Starboard.  From viewing Developing Signals to editing Content and Targeting, Captains can see their fleet’s Sailebot Campaigns in action and make meaningful decisions within seconds on how they want their Sailebot execute outreach.

Editing Capabilities for Sailers –

Captains aren’t the only users getting more control over their Sailebots.  As a Sailer, we know that the contacts you want your Sailebot to prospect will progress and change over time.  That’s why now we allow you to update job titles, functions, and roles for your Sailebot.  Give your Sailebot time to become even smarter with the updates you make and then watch it work it’s prospecting magic.

CRM Integration – 

With seamless integration, effortlessly keep tabs on every aspect of your Signals. Whether Actionable or Developing, Salesforce Integration helps ensure nothing slips through the cracks!

While we are excited about what we have accomplished wrapping up the year, we can’t help but look forward to the year ahead, especially as we kick off Q1.  The Sailes team will be working diligently to provide even more reporting and visibility into the work that your Sailebot is doing. We will continue to build a strong foundation in Starboard so we can deliver features that will allow more control and visibility for you.