Case Study

Sailebot® Story – Melodi


Melodi’s job was supporting her entire team of hungry Sales Executives with Actionable Leads. Plus, her boss always wanted more: More deals, more meetings, more opportunities. She could never keep her funnel too full of HR Directors and EHS leaders at companies with 50-500 employees.

Given the pervasiveness of remote work, she knew companies needed to boost employee recognition and engagement – but couldn’t find all of them fast enough! Plus, with a wide-ranging solution, she knew almost every industry could make sense. How could one person ever cover enough ground? It was almost like she needed two or three versions of herself!

So…that’s exactly what she did. Melodi created Sailebots as digital clones of herself that could focus on multiple industries uniquely, simultaneously and intelligently while delivering Actionable Opportunities™ (leads!).

To date, Melodi’s Sailebot has performed over 226,916 Digital Labor™ tasks and generates 60+ Actionable leads every quarter.

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